Start your journey in IT
Accenture Java Academy

Learn to code at no cost and get stable
employment in the IT industry


Start your journey in IT – Accenture Java Academy!

Give yourself a chance for a new professional path and join a special edition of Accenture Java Academy. Learn the most common programming language, get the skills employers are looking for and
a stable job in the future-proof industry.

This edition of the Academy is created in order to support those who had to flee the war and often do not have easy access to career development in a new, foreign country. We invite especially those of you who came to Poland because of the war in Ukraine to participate in this project.

Join us regardless of whether you already have experience in the IT industry or want to start a new career path. And don’t worry! You’ll have our support at every stage of acquiring new competences.

What is included

in Accenture Java Academy

  • 90 hours of intensive course led by experienced IT experts
  • Computer equipment. We will provide you with everything you need to learn to code effectively
  • A grant. The course is 100% paid - you don't need to cover any costs. You will receive a salary for the training period
  • Internship at Accenture for the best students

Who can apply
for Accenture Java Academy

We invite all women, especially those who are in Poland because of the war in Ukraine who:

  • speak English at least at the B1 level,
  • have basic computer skills.
  • Important - the course will be held at the Accenture Office in Katowice Silesia Bussines Park, Chorzowska 148 Building C

Start your journey in IT

Programming. Why is it worth it

Career growth

The demand for IT specialists is constantly growing. This is the perfect time to learn to code and become an expert in the future. Accenture Java Academy may be your first step towards your success and a stable future in tech industry.

Universal language of the future

Programming is the universal language of the future. It gives you a great freedom - you can work and develop your career from anywhere in the world.

Our support

We will support and guide you at every stage - from the start of the course, through onboarding in the workplace, to the development of your career. We will finance your course and provide you with equipment, so that you can fully focus on developing your skills.

Apply and change your future.

  • Location: Silesia Bussines Park,
    Chorzowska 148 Building C,
    40-101 Katowice - Maps

  • Start date: 13/06/2022

  • Course mode: daytime, stationary

  • Duration: 3 weeks of intensive training

  • Classes schedule: Monday - Friday, 6 hours per day

  • Course price: 0 PLNYou will receive a salary
    for the training period

Your application has been sent.
We keep our fingers crossed!

What will you learn

  • You will learn the basis of the most desired by employers and the most popular among developers programming language. The course will provide you with a solid foundation and knowledge of programming and the most important ideas and concepts. You'll get the opportunity to test your new skills in practice.
  • After passing the final exam, you will receive the certificate of training completion. The best students will be invited to take part in internship programs in Accenture.

What are the next steps?

  • Applicaton deadline is
  • Verification of applications
  • Interviews with SDA representatives
  • Selection of candidates and
    start of the formalities process

The course starts on:

Need more info?

Accenture is a global company that provides professional services in the field of digital technologies, cloud computing and security. We employ 699,000 employees who use the potential of new technologies and human creativity in their daily work, providing services to clients in over 120 countries. In Poland, Accenture offices are located in Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław and Katowice. They employ over 8,600 employees.

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming – overview, introduction, get familiar with the most important ideas and concepts
  • Understand what Client-Server Architecture is – protocols, REST vs SOAP concepts, tools
  • Get familiar with Spring and what is the difference between framework and library
  • Get to know software testing concepts – introduction, best practices
  • Overview of the deployment process (git) – basic tools, procedures, and commands
  • Comprehend database concepts and basics of SQL
  • Basics of Salesforce platform.

The course will be held on site at Accenture office at: Silesia Business Park, Chorzowska 148 Building C, 40-101 Katowice

Number of training hours: 90

Course mode: daily, 6 hours per day

Equipment: we will provide you with all necessary equipment during the Academy

Salary: You will receive a salary for the training period

If you are a mum we will try to help you with childcare during the Academy.